This is Desttinghim's brother, calling in to show a bit of progress on Apocalypse Run. I better at lists than paragraphs though. So, here's a list.

  • Walking and collision
  • Readable signs
  • A random NPC (called Quesadea the dragon, don't worry, he's not part of the game)
  • A working GUI system.
  • A 48 blocks X 48 blocks level (planned size: 320 x 320)
  • A download link.
Play through it, leave a comment. And it was written in java, so play it on any OS you want. ;) Also, for those who care, the source code. ~Geemili




Yes, that's right. Homework. It is the bane of my existence, and probably the major reason I get grades below a B. The reason why? I have a very serious case of procrastination. I spend all the time I have on the computer, doing pointless stuff (like this) and not doing homework. What really kills me is large projects you have to do over time. I say it's just plain cruelty to do that.

Now I feel like taking this to deeper level. Where do you actually use something like homework skills at a job? Not really anywhere, unless you have a really obscure and hard job. With a quick google search I have found some information relevant to this topic: 

The website on the link I posted does have some good points. However, that does not change the fact I don't like it. As it says, it does not prepare you for anything in life but more homework. It can induce a lot of stress as well. But schools still use this method. Why? I think that the people who run those schools need to find a different method for advancing our academic careers.

Alright, that was terrible little rant, and I feel like I argued very stupidly.



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Alright, last week I got a tablet. It's been fun to mess around with, although it is a bit crappy, because I got it for 99 dollars. 

IT was a 7" tablet called the "IdolPad", by a company called Idolian. It's been pretty sweet up till now. It won't charge! Whenever I try to charge it, nothing happens. And it won't even turn on now(probably because it's out of batteries).

So I'm going to try sending it back for a new one. Hopefully I haven't done anything to void the 30 warranty. It was very useful for those 10 or so days it worked. I could use a calender, play games, and read books, as well as browse the web. It was very nice, so I eagerly want to send my broken one in and get a working one.

Other than that, not much to talk about for Apocalypse Run other than Geemili has started to port it over to libGDX, a library that supports Android(I'm pretty sure). Progress is slow, and I think it would help if I started to write out the stories and make concept art again. Maybe I'll post it on here.




I have just put up a demo! It represents the majority of work that I've put into this game, which actually isn't much because I'm lazy. But it is something, so here is a feature list:

-Mostly working movement and collision(expect a few strange bugs)
-Zombies that move around and attack(b attack is bite, which infects you)
-Signs that display text
-Menus that work pretty well
-An options menu for turning off music/sfx (both of which I don't have)

The inventory system I made needs to be rewritten, which I am dreading doing because it will be pretty difficult for me. You also can't attack because there is no inventory system and I'm to lazy to work on it. So have fun running around and getting mauled by zombies, going to the game over screen and repeating!
Here's the link:
Yesterday was my birthday. During breakfast my sisters gave me and my brother a jacket and a shirt. It was very nice. Then, after school, my mom baked a cake and my sister decorated. She got very stressed while doing it. Even though she did take a class on it.

Today I took a large chunk of cake and had for lunch at school. One of my friends tried to barter with me for it, but I refused. I did let another friend have the frosting left in the Zip-Lock container though. It was really good cake and frosting.

One last thing about my birthday: I'm getting a tablet! :D This way we can more easily test Apocalypse Run for Android once we get started on it. (About 3-6 months away). 

Now to business about Apocalypse Run. I am disappointed. Nobody said anything about me not updating my blog. D: I hope I can get more followers on board once a demo comes out. Should be soon, I just need to rewrite the inventory system and it will be worthy of a demo. Oh, and the menu. I tried to give it sub-menus, but I failed terribly and ended up completely destroying it.

And finally, I'm going to show you something really awesome that I made in Tech Ed class. It's so awesome it'll knock your socks off:
Alright, even though I just posted yesterday, I'd like to post again. Why? I want to put my story out there for you guys to read.  It helps me work the kinks out of stories, as well as providing you with some entertainment. Click the read more link to read...
It's true. I'm going to have a demo up. In a week. Aren't you so excited?

There's one thing I was really disappointed about. Nobody bugged me about not posting. D: Nobody cares about me.

Anyway, I have made some progress on Apocalypse Run. For example, inventory:
It's cool isn't it? There's nothing in it yet because I haven't programmed it in. More stuff to do... But, there is more! See:
You can see your inventory and the chests at the same time! Yay!

Other than that, I haven't made a huge amount of progress. Well, I did make the zombies attack you, but you don't really get hurt yet. Also, expect a demo by the end of the week. I'm confident that I can get enough done to be presentable.

Don't forget to comment!
As you can see if you watched the video, movement works pretty well and I have simple zombies. No guns yet, and the chest in the middle doesn't do anything, but at least I've got something.  

We have a design document made up, if that interests anyone. We know what features we want to implement, and we're probably not going to change anything in it. We've got a solid idea for where our game is going to go. First, I'm going to be coding and spriting using GameMaker, then Geemili's going to come behind me with Java, giving us a lot more platforms that it can be exported to.

I know this blog post isn't very professional, or informative, but we haven't made huge progress over the last week. I need comments to be inspired you know, and no-ones been commenting. Maybe if I get enough, I'll edit it in the design document.
I haven't done much this week. No, I haven't been lazy, I just haven't been focus well. I was doing many things, including but not limited to:
- Learning C++
- Making a FPS in GM
- Sleeping

I'm going to try to prevent that this week by taking a vote on what I should do:
- Learn more C++
- Work on ApocRun in GM
Personally, I want to do both, but what I really want to do is ApocRun (and I will continue writing with the assumption that this will get majority vote). Anyway, I said a long time ago to someone that I was going to rewrite the engine, but never got around to it. Now I will. I'm also going to try to re-sprite it (can't promise much there).

Also, I'm going to post-pone any projects I may have until I get ApocRun done, or at least a playable, bearable demo out. This list has a total of three:
- Paper Zombies
- A unnamed FPS (more info if asked for)
- Galactic Conquest (It wasn't being progressed on anyway...)

Also, ApocRun will probably not stay in GM. I plan on using GM to prototype features, see if they are fun or add to the experience. Ultimately, I hope to have it completed in Java. What this means to you non-programming types is everyone will be able to use it, no matter what computer you are using.

My brother will be doing the Java programming. Recently, he has been making a platformer in it. But since we're going to be making ApocRun, he has decided to abandon it.

That's all I'm going to say except:

For all of you that don't want to enter a email, YOU DON'T NEED TO. Just leave it blank.
Recently, I have been working on a 3D engine...